Marwan Abd Ellah 

At a Glance

A fresh graduate, yet, :-) self- motivated and ambitious biomedical engineer seeking for a good position as a Biomedical (or Computer Science) Researcher  in a reputable research center abroad or as a Teaching Assisstant in a good university in Egypt. Skilled at understanding fresh concepts and mastering the relevant tools running towards real applications. It's all about being a Good Human Being.

Employment & Work Experience

1. Associate Software Engineer at Symbyo Technologies, 360 Project, March 2010 - Present.

2. Software Engineer at IBE Technologies Company, R&D Department, October 2009 - February 2010.

  • Responsibilities : Implementing a variety of 3D volume filteration techniques using ARB shader programming and OpenGL in 4D ultrasound volume reconstruction project.   

3. Instructor for Computer Graphics & Visualization Systems at NILES (The National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University), September 2009.

  • Responsibilities : Teaching a course dedicated to NILES team including Computer Graphics, 3D Modelling, Data Visualization and User Interface Design for creating laser tracing applications.

4. Senior Software Engineer at BioBusiness Company, July – October 2009.

  • Responsibilities : Designing graphical artwork of membrane switch front panel for the NAFIS Patient Monitor, in addition to designing a complete graphical user interface experience for the device.

5. Freelance Web Designer, February 2009.

  • Responsibilities : Creating dynamic web pages & portals using diversity of web design and graphicl design tools to generate professional, optimized and interactive web graphics.

6. Freelance Graphics Designer, March 2007. 

  • Responsibilities : Designing simulations and three-dimensional graphical models using Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya 3D graphics modeling software.

Education & Degrees

Academic Upper Degree : Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Systems & Biomedical Engineering Department (SBME), School of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt, July 2009.

Senior High School :  Al-Sarh High School, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, June 2004.


Graduation Year : Distinction.

Cumulative Grade : Distinction with Honors (SBME 2009 Class).

Bachelor Project

Title : High Quality, High Performance, Real-time 3D Ultrasound Volume Reconstruction on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Grade : Distiction.

Thesis Abstract : Ultrasound is considered the magic imaging modality that will last forever; this is due to it s safety for use in many biomedical trends and applications. Ultrasound Volume reconstruction was always a challenging issue in the past. Real-time 3D ultrasound volume reconstruction was not available in the past at all. This due to the lack of the suitable hardware and software maturity as well. However, technology evolution over the last decades was the main engine that leaded to the rapid and amazing development in visualization systems generally and for imaging modalities in particular. Now technology is affordable, so real-time performance of the ultrasound volume reconstruction can be achieved relying on this state-of-the-art technology. In this project, GPU-accelerated volume rendering is implemented via one of the most important volume rendering techniques. This technique is called "Texture-based Volume Rendering". Benchmarking is carried out to test the performance of the implementation under different platforms. OpenGL was used as the graphics API, Cg was used for shading, and Qt was used for user interface design.

Thesis is downloadable at:

Publications & Conference Proceedings

    1. Abd Ellah M., Megawer A. and Kadah Y. M., Software Development for Low Cost, High quality, Real-time, 4D Ultrasound on Personal Computers, 26th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC), Union Radio Scientifique Internationale (URSI), Future University in Egypt (FUE), March, 19th 20092.
    2. Ahmed Elnokrashy, Ahmed Elmalky, Tamer Hosny, Marwan Abd Ellah, Alaa Megawer, Abubakr Alsebai, Abou-Bakr Youssef and Yasser Kadah, GPU-Based Reconstruction and Display for 4D Ultrasound Data, 2009 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, September 20-23, 2009, Rome, Italy.

Presentations, Sessions & Seminars

1. Visualization Presentation entitled "High Quality, High Performance 3D Real-time Texture-based Volume Rendering on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)", Nile University (NU), July 2009.

2. Seminar entitled "The new era of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Programming", Cairo University, April 2009.  

3. Seminar, Implementation of Volume Reconstruction Techniques on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Cairo University, February 2009.

4. Graphics Programming Seminar on the use of the NVIDIA CUDA toolkit for Efficient Scalable Parallel Programming on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Cairo University, April 2009.

5. Healthcare Information Systems Presentations (Cairo University) 

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) - A Complete Organization, September 2008.

2. Operating Room (OR) Management & Scheduling System, September 2008.

3. PACS Workstations – Towards a Digital Revolution, October 2008.  

4. On Telemedicine System Implementation on the Egyptian Land, February 2009.

6. Project Management Presentation, Towards Low Cost 4D Ultrasound Imaging Systems, Cairo University, December 2008.

7. Stochastic Optimal Control Presentation, On Parameter Estimation of Time-varying Retinal Perfusion Parameters using Stochastic Optimal Control, June 2009.

8. Digital Control Systems Presentation, Anti-lock Breaking Systems (ABS), Cairo University, January 2009.

9. Stochastic Control Session, Numerical Solution for Stochastic Optimal Control Systems using MATLAB and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, Cairo University, June 2009.

Current Research

1. Investigation of advanced Classification & Filtration techniques for ultrasound volume visualization.

2. Performance optimization of High Quality Ultrasound Volume Rendering techniques using the NVIDIA SLI technology and CUDA toolkit.

3. Signal Processing of Random Physiological Signals.

4. Studying Nervous Electrical signals characteristics of the optic nerve in the visual pathway.

Software Technical Skills

Fundamentals & Concepts

1. Understanding the basic concepts of the different programming paradigms like event-driven, Concepts procedural & object oriented paradigms.

2. Completely aware of the basic fundamentals of the Java platform (Programming language in addition to the Virtual machine).

3. Good software debugging skills

Programming Languages

1. C/C++ (Under Linux)

2. Microsoft Visual C/C++

3. Microsoft C#

3. Java

Integrated Development Environments

1. Microsoft Visual Studio (2003, 2005, 2008)

2. Eclipse (Windows, Linux)

3. JCreator

4. NetBeans

5. Dev-C++

Programming Projects

1. "Learn on-line", a program dedicated for on-line children education developed using data structures with the C++ programming language, March 2007.

2. Developing library management program named "Integrated Library", designed using the object oriented programming paradigm with Microsoft Visual C++, May 2007.  

Graphics & GPU Programming

Fundamentals & Concepts

1. Implementing a variety of Volume rendering techniques such as Texture-based & ray casting Concepts volume rendering on the GPUs.

2. Completely aware of the basic concepts for the different architectures & pipelines of the current commodity graphics cards available in the market.

3. Developing visualization application under different software and hardware platforms.

Shading Languages

Writing customized vertex & fragment shaders with different shading languages like NVIDIA C for Graphics (Cg), OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL).

Graphics APIs

 OpenGL (Advanced), Open Inventor (Intermediate), Microsoft Direct 3D (Basic).

Graphics Toolkits 

Understanding the framework and applications developed in the following graphics toolkits NVIDIA OpenGL, CUDA and Cg Toolkits.

Graphics Projects

1. 3D Real-time Ultrasound Volume Reconstruction on GPUs, using Cg and OpenGL embedded in MS Visual C++ programming environment, June 2009.

2. Development of CAD software named "PlutoCAD", complete CAD software designed for rendering two- and three-dimensional graphics primitives developed under JAVA platform using the object oriented programming paradigm, October 2007.

3. Volume reconstruction of three-dimensional datasets using the open-source Visualization toolkit (VTK) integrated with C#, January 2008.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programming & Design

GUI Design Experience

1. Skilled at carrying out requirement analysis for interactive graphical user interfaces designs under multiple software platforms.  

2. Adept at designing interactive GUIs with keeping in mind the ergonomic and functional aspects of the design.

GUI Design Tools

1. Qt Toolkit (Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 IDE under Windows, or Integrated with Eclipse C++ IDE under Linux, Qt Designer).

2. User Interfaces Design with AWT & Swing GUI Toolkits under the Java Platform.

3. Designing Virtual 3D GUIs via Microsoft Expression Blend Software integrated with C# applications. 

4. Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Form Designer.

GUI Projects

1. Designing stylish and interactive GUI for database application using Microsoft Bend Expression, May 2008.

2. Designing Professional GUI for the graduation project under Qt 4.3, April 2009. 

3. Designing variety of GUIs using the Java AWT & Swing toolkits & Visual Studio Form Designer in different projects.

Web Design & Network Programming

1. Creating attractive, innovative, professional and dynamic HTML Web pages & Portals using basic HTML textual editors & WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web tools enhanced with CSS and JavaScript dynamic menus & widgets. 

2. Designing interactive Client-sided web interfaces and applications relying on the AJAX web development techniques and Server-sided applications using the PHP scripting languages.

3. Thorough understanding of installing and configuring Apache & Microsoft IIS web servers.

4. Designing network Client/Server chatting applications under both TCP and UDP protocols. 

5. Designing web relational database management systems using MySQL to provide multi-user access to a number of databases.

6. Integrating Photoshop and Illustrator designs into web pages to produce optimized web graphics designs.

Tools & Scripting Languages :

XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (AJAX).

Development Environments

1. Microsoft Expression Web

2. Adobe Dreamweaver

3. PHP Designer

4. WYSISYG Web Builders

5. HTML Pad

6. Microsoft Silver Light

7. Apache Web Server

Network Projects

1. Development of Client/Server chatting application using TCP & UDP Protocol using C#, November 2008.

2. "LENVOI", Medical portal dedicated to serve indoor patients by sharing & collaborating healthcare knowledge online, designed using HTML editors , CSS, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, Silver Light, Microsoft Expression Web,… ,all embedded in a C# application, March 2009. 

Graphics & Graphical Design

1. Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D (Under Windows)

2. Blender (Under Linux)

3. Autodesk AutoCAD

4. Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator.

5. Microsoft Expression (Design, Media).

6. Gimp Image Editor (Under Linux OSes).

7. Macromedia Flash MX.

General Computer Skills

1. Keen interest and extensive experience in a wide variety of computer applications and hardware, including IBM-Clones, Macintosh, Single-board Computers.

2.Working under diversity of OSes & Platforms:

    • Microsoft Operating systems (From 95 till Windows 7)
    • Different Distributions of Linux Operating Systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Knoopix, Debian, Scientific Linux)
    • Working under MAC OS Leopard with the OSX86 Project.

3. Working experience with Mathematical, Simulation and Statistical packages like MATLAB, Octave. 

4. Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, FrontPage, Publisher, Visio, One Note). 

5. Open Office

6. Working with LaTeX text editors under Linux and MikTeX under Windows.

Attended Conferences & Seminars & Workshops

1. Workshop, Advanced School in High Performance Computing & Grid Computing, International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, 30 November- 11 December 2009. (Participant)

2. IEEE, International conference of Image processing (ICIP), Egypt, 2009. (Organizer-Wing Team) 

3. URSI, 26th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC), Egypt, March 2009. (Participant)

4. Cairo International Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC '08), Cairo. (Organizer)

5. Egyptian Engineering Day (EED '09). (Visitor)

6. Seminar, Sub-Dermal Dry EEG Spike-Array Electrodes, Salam R. Gabran, Cairo University, March 2007.

7. Seminar, Introducing the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: Mission, Governance, and Benefits to Members, Jorge Monzon, February 11th, 2009.  

Associations & Professional Memberships

* Member in IEEE Association, June 2008 -Present.  

* Member in EMBS society of the IEEE Association, September 2009 – Present.

Fields of Interest

1. 3D/4D Visualization

2. GPU Programming

3. Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

4. Parallel & Ubiquitous Computing

5. Parallel (Concurrent) Programming

6. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

7. Health-Care Information Systems (HCISs)

8. Neural Networks 

9. Mathematical Modeling & Simulation

10. Real-time Operating systems (RTOS)

Internships & Training Programs

1. Participant in Hardware Maintenance Internship at the Clinical Engineering Department, El-Manial Specialized Hospital, Cairo, August, 2006.

2. Participant in Maintenance of CT Scanners Training Program at GE Healthcare Systems Company, Almaza, Egypt, 2006.

3. Intensive Software Internship Program at BioBusiness Corporation, Cairo, August 2008.

Recreation & Activities

1. Calligraphy 

2. Cycling 

3. Reading

4. Swimming

5. Playing Piano

Additional Personal Details

  • Full Name : Marwan Muhammad Ahmad Abd Ellah
  • Date of Birth : June, 5th, 1987 – Cairo, Egypt
  • Citizenship : Egyptian
  • Military Service : Final Medical Exemption
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Detailed Address : No. 4, Mohammed Kasem Street, El Mesaha Square – 9 Street, Maadi, Cairo.
  • E-Mail Address :
  • Web Page :

Personal Skills

1. Excellent Communication skill to present points precisely and clearly.

2. Good problem solving ability and analytic skill to solve the problem efficiently.

3. Good team player and have excellent interaction skill to coordinate and work within a team.

4. Excellent Technical Skill.

5. Have expertise in working with various operating systems and platforms.

6. Good deliver output in less time without losing efficiency.

Language Skills

  • English : Excellent written, Fluent spoken.
  • Arabic : Mother tongue (Native).
  • French : Scholastic reading & writing & verbal skills.


1. Prof. Dr. Yasser M. Kaddah, Professor of Electronics, Systems & Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University,Egypt, Consyltant at IBE Technologies Company - Bahgat Group. E-mail:

2. Prof. Dr. Bassel S. Tawfik, Systems & Biomedical Engineering Department Head, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. E-mail:

3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Morsy, IEEE Egypt Section Chapter President, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University,  Egypt. E-mail:

4. Dr. Ahmed S. Fahmy, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University & Nile University (NU), Egypt. E-mail:

Additional references are available upon request.






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